Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Google Interview

Before I start state all of details which I meet in doing this Interview, I would like to thank everyone in Google for helping me out to do that interview. You have to know that Google is a great company and only hires the best of best employees around the world; therefore Google is moving forward with consistent steps.

First I want to talk about how I was candidate to work in Google; in Feb 2010 I was attending the Java Developer Conference (JDC) in EGYPT which Google was sponsor for that conference there. I attend this conference only for two reasons; First I want to meet Sang Shin (Chief and Founder of to arrange with a session that would be done at Menoufiya University. The second reason is to meet my Friends there who rarely meet them only on occasions :-D . In registration for the Conference I have to submit my CV which it was well format and state my skills clearly.

Suddenly after less than one month, specifically in March 2010 I received an email from Google, I thought it was spam :D , I'm not used to receive personal emails from Google or any big company . but It was real I'm candidate for joining Google – Zurich office as a Software Developer –Arabic Fluent - .Google should contact my via a Phone call to discuss about their current opportunities , but for unknown reason they didn't do that and only I received email said that my Qualifications don't strongly matched with their requirements . My weak point from my point of View is that basically I'm not a software developer but I'm a university staff , however I have a well background in Programming specially Java and have a very good teaching ability of teaching Java certification .

While I was browsing and searching for IT experts who I'm looking for learn and have a contact with them. I found Matt Begley- Technical Recruiter at Google-Zurich. I add him and Alesandra who is also Technical Recuriter.

What a surprise? They nominated me to work for Google again after viewing my LinkedIn Profile where I was recommend by two of World-know Experts (Sang shin and Geertjan Wielenga). Strongly I recommend everyone to have a LinkedIn Profile; it will help you more to be contact with IT Experts, HR employees who will help you directly to find your Job.

Before I started my Interview, I have requested to fill out a document about my recent projects and open source Activities .I filled it with collaboration with my friend –Abbas Adel- and sent it.

After one week, I was preparing for the first phone interview which was in 27 September 2010 (Google's Birthday :D ) . I read about Data Structure Algorithms , Computer science Topics and solve some practice problems on ,

The Interview call was on 1:00 PM and it lasted for 24 min , I asked to solve a problem and al hamdo li allah I did it successfully .

The interview process continued … and I'm asked to determine my availability dates for the 2nd part of the first interview as I have to solve two problems in the first interview and due to time period I solved one .

The second Interview it should be on 7 October 2010 , but the bad luck was in that day against me :D .. Before the Phone call by 20 min , my Internet connection is down :S :S . I have to be in my home cause the software engineer will call me on my landline numbers …. Mmmmm and I have no Internet Connection …. I was very confused for that situation.

I decided to go to my uncle and do that interview from his house but also I faced problems in the phone calling …. Realllllllllly I hate being Vodafone :S:S

My Interview was about to be cancelled , but the software engineer (interviewer) told me : "Don't worry , I will scheduled for another time .. I suggest you to move the interview on the next week" I agreed for moving the interview on the next week and wait to receive an email from Aleksandra (Technical Recruiter) .

But While I was traveling to Shebin El kom to meet my Friend –Mostafa Abdullah- I received a call from Aleksandra while I was in a Car. I have to answer it by any way. She told me that the interview is about to cancel because It should be done today, I told here it's not my problem. It's a problem of Mobile Service providers in EGYPT and I have tried 5 phone numbers . She told me "I will discuss with the software engineers what should be done and told you back"

After 2 hours, I received from here and email said that I'll have an online test instead of Phone Interview and If I passed that test I will forward to the second Phone Interview process. Again I didn't have the optimal cases to do that test. I was being busy at MUFIC for 10 days and I didn't have an internet at my flat so I couldn't study while I was at home which is the best place for me to study and have a complete focuse>

For more than 10 days, I couldn't get an internet connection and I'm afraid for cancelling that test because I was very late!!!!! . I have to do it by any way. SO once I get the internet on Friday,29 October 2010 .I entered the test without prior preparation :D . Because I have no time to delay it again!.

In the test there are 3 problems and must be solved in 1:30 hr. This test should be for New Graduates but I didn't think so . I solved the first problem but my solution was not the optimal –Google only focus on the perfect and efficient solutions - . The second problem was very good I understand it and solved it by 70 % but also my solution should be complete it's not enough you understand it. While I was solving the third one, the time is gone on and I have enough time to do a deep thinking I write a part of its solution but it was the hard one.

Unfortunately , I didn't passed that test , it was very technical test I have did and I'm sure it's not for new graduates ; the question I had in the first phone interview is quite easy rather than that test .

At the end , I'm very honored as I was candidate to work for Google one day ,however If I passed all of interviews (2 phone interview and 1 on-site interview) I will not accept to change my career and being developer because I stated my goals since two years and I'm working hard for achieving them .

The conclusion is to keep contacted with the IT Experts and seek for the big chances every. You have to know everything is possible If you pay its attention.

I didn't dream ever to have a Google interview and be nominated to work there J , But if you have a Big chance , Do your best to get

ISA , In the Future I would like try to apply for Google again , after I will have my PhD .


  1. Wonderful words u point to me in JDC conference ?? are u ?? :))

  2. It's a great chance to meet you again in JDC ..mohamed

  3. Al slam Alikom

    I have read this post and it was very useful.
    Thank you.
    And good luck after PHD.:)

  4. This is a great story !
    We all should learn from that.