Friday, March 12, 2010

JavaPassion In Action !!

Whom didn't know ? , How it's amazing website and the best choice for all Java Learners ! .. That's because of his Professional Author Sang Shin . last years , I wish if I meet Sang shin and speak to him about his increadible website .I missed the chance in 2007 and I was so regret :S .. BUT it comes back again when I heard Sang shin will come to EGYPT in JDC2010 for preseneting some sessions .. I decided to attend JDC2010 specially to meet my Friends (they weren't more there :S) and to meet Sang Shin ..

SomeThing came into my mind , Why not Sang shin come to our university , specially we are Officially Java User Group (MUFIX-JUG) . simply I contacted with sang shin about going to MUFIX-JUG and present some sessions . the major point here is hosting sessions with world wide speaker like sang shin (I consider him the best one in the world who teach JAVA) . Sang was very welcome to come at MUFIX community , but first he showed Ahmed Hashim (EGJUG Leader) , if it's possible to come at MUFIX , Ahmed Hashim refused because he prepared a full week program for him in EGYPT and No way .to be any Where else JDC ..

BUT , here the surprise . "Sang Shin sent me an email said :
Hamada, I am willing to go and give a talk on Sunday (Feb. 28th) to your JUG instead of the tour if that works the best for you.
I was so happy for this news . immedialty I contact with MUFIX Organizers to arrange how we will do this session at our university . Al Hamdo li allah , we did it

we got a private car and pick up sang shin from /to Menoufiya university , I'm so happy as I was with him during the event day .

The session was amazing , everything was OK . All of students were exicting ang very happy with Sang shan , he has a very nice personality and was loved by all in this session .

here some feedback comments of students who attend the session :

Ibrahem Abdallah
Thanks for Mr.Sang Shin for accepting the invitation for this session and the session was wonderful and we hope to be sessions later, if possible.

Nourhan Osama
Thank you so much for visiting us
For me it's a dream came true
It was a wonderful sesion you makes JavaFX so easy to use
I really wish you can come to Egypt again and peresent session in our faculty
Kamsameda... See more

Nehal Saeed ッ
Am still ecstatic for getting the chance to attend your session held @ our university
It was marvelous in every aspect & it definitely thought us all to have a passion not only in java but in whatever it is that we want to be later on in life.
Also, you were right ..inspite of life's ups & downs ..
" Life is worth living with passion! "
I would be so thrilled if you would visit egypt once again .. & blow our mind's away with another session :)...

Usama Fath
WOW, a great session by a great man. We wont forget your visit and we hope to see you again... You painted our life with passion.

Sang shin's words to the communtiy :"Life is worth living with passion "

Really , it was the perfect day and the best event at MUFIX Community ever , many of incredible things had done successfully .. AL hamdo li allah , I'm so glad as I'm a part of MUFIX Community which presents useful things to the students so easily .

one of the important lessons I have learned in this story "When ever I hear it can't be done .. I know that I'm close to success"

I would like to thank every member at MUFIX , specially Abbas Adel (my friend and the founder of MUFIX Community) .. Thanks for everything :))

Finalluy , I will never forget the day in which I was with sang shin :)


  1. thumbs up to that:)

  2. Sang Shin is such a lovely person, it was a good choice from him to name his web site JavaPassion, because he works with passion as well. He canceled his tour to make the presentation at your university in the middle of busy week. Glad to know that it was useful for you.