Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MUFIX-JUG .... come true !!

After long time of searching and wondering why not we have a java user group at our university,since we have very good active community -MUFIX- .I was seeking for being JUG since 6 months as I know it will be very useful to our community and we will be recognized as one of Affiliated SUN micro systems Group through JUG and as a JUG we can host very good Events by Famous Evangelists like Sang Shin ,Roman Stroble and Greetjan Wielenage ,That's why we are interested to be JUG.
I have started searching and contacted with help support in SUN micro system,no progress :S ,but we know before we have EGYPTIAN JAVA USER GROUP leading by Ahmed Hashim and we are proud to be member of it .I thought there is only one group per country before , but I noticed more than one group in different countries ,when I knew that Hellwan university founded JUG .I became more enthusiastic to found one since we achieve almost of creating Successful JUG post by Ahmed Hashim .

I contacted with JUG Program manager and showed him our recently activites organized by mufix communtiy and how we are able to organize international celebration days like Fedora day and Software Freedom day.I take this chance to thank him more , he was very respondable with me and replied to all of my queries.I created project page for MUFIX community at ,and sent to him our data to plot MUFIX-JUG on official JUG map so now we are very happy and proud of being MUFIX-JUG and looking forward to do more activites by such ways help our students to very good developers aware of all latest technologies ,I wish total number of volunteer students doubled this year since we are participating in many activities need more works and sure they will require more volunteer to develop our community
I would like to thank every MUFIX member who is working for developing his community towards and Finally I'm very keen to start JUG meetings next season ,so be in toucn with mufix to know all incoming events isa ...

Al Hamdo li Allah ,, we are JUG and looking forward more...
Hamada Zahera


  1. greaaaat

    tnx tnx tnx tnx

    جزاك الله كل خير عننا يا بشمهندس

  2. Ah, good move!
    I always mention in my talks @ universities that you can create your own JUG and will be happy to see many JUG's in Egypt doing good stuff.

    I supported Helwan JUG to kickoff but they didn't show up afterwards.

    Looking forward to see your participation @ JDC 2010.

    Keppup the good work and good luck.

    Ahmed Hashim
    Egyptian JUG Leader
    Sun Java Champion