Friday, February 27, 2009

OSUM Opening Ceremony at Menoufiyah Univeristy !!

yesterday 25/02/2009 we announced the opening OSUM Community channel between MUFIC [Faculty of Computers and Information] and SUN On-Campus for Universities which called [O]pen [S]ource [U]niveristy [M]eetup-OSUM .I planned for an Opening Ceremony event in our univeristy First I asked SUN for Giveaways for students.I requested 100 Netbeans ,100 Opensolaris ,100 Sun studio DVD ,500 Brochures ,100 Pens and 25 Bags . I got almost of my order except the Bags ,they weren't was great when I got all
these Giveways .

I decided to create an Event for OSUM opening as a Ceremony and tell ,encourage students more and more to join OSUM
I discussed with MUFIX-Community , how to organize this event and How to distribute the giveaways ,because I was expecting much more student to attend ,but we have limited number of giveaways
In the morning I saw around 200 students who want to attend this event. it was impossible because the lecture room capacity is 120 students.. but the total number of students was 180 as I guess :)) How come ?? I dunno , ask MUFIX how they could allow all of this number to attend :))
I started speaking about OSUM Overview and which is it ? ,then I moved to tell students how to register at osum and how to get benefits about FOSS technologies and enthuse them to join our group at OSUM Menoufiyah Univeristy-Faculty of Computers and Information
I focused on 5 reasons to join OSUM as a student
  • LEARN about Open Source Technologies and how they are opening up new career opportunities for students
  • ACCESS free online web courses, webinars, tutorials and other resources to prepare for career enhancing certifications
  • SHARE your technical knowledge with other students around the world virtually and on campus
  • COLLABORATE with a global community of students via forum, campus events, webinars, etc.
  • CONNECT and make friends with students around the world who are committed to Open Source just like you
Students were very happy about this session, it was so useful and enjoyable for them
Also I talked about SAI [SUN Academic Intiaitve] as an Education system by SUN so students can get free online courses , Certifciation discount and Exam ePractice
we distributed around 90 Netbeans CD ,95 Sun studio ,500 Brochures and 75 Pens to Students almost of students were happy of that and few who couldn't get any giveaways were a bit angry.I promised them we could get more giveaways per month
before I did this Session ,there was 13 member only registered on OSUM and now the number is 49 member :)) I expect to reach 100 in this semester ISA..
it was so nice session at MUFIC and one of the memorable and big attended events in MUFIX-Community
It may be my last session at MUFIX to speak in :( I hope the youth [MUFICians] complete our route and keep on as we were always

Thanks MUFIX for everyThing , really I love you :)

Hamada Zahera


  1. Hamada,
    We will be looking forward to hear more of your events in next semester. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

    Can Ekim