Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Google Interview

Before I start state all of details which I meet in doing this Interview, I would like to thank everyone in Google for helping me out to do that interview. You have to know that Google is a great company and only hires the best of best employees around the world; therefore Google is moving forward with consistent steps.

First I want to talk about how I was candidate to work in Google; in Feb 2010 I was attending the Java Developer Conference (JDC) in EGYPT which Google was sponsor for that conference there. I attend this conference only for two reasons; First I want to meet Sang Shin (Chief and Founder of to arrange with a session that would be done at Menoufiya University. The second reason is to meet my Friends there who rarely meet them only on occasions :-D . In registration for the Conference I have to submit my CV which it was well format and state my skills clearly.

Suddenly after less than one month, specifically in March 2010 I received an email from Google, I thought it was spam :D , I'm not used to receive personal emails from Google or any big company . but It was real I'm candidate for joining Google – Zurich office as a Software Developer –Arabic Fluent - .Google should contact my via a Phone call to discuss about their current opportunities , but for unknown reason they didn't do that and only I received email said that my Qualifications don't strongly matched with their requirements . My weak point from my point of View is that basically I'm not a software developer but I'm a university staff , however I have a well background in Programming specially Java and have a very good teaching ability of teaching Java certification .

While I was browsing and searching for IT experts who I'm looking for learn and have a contact with them. I found Matt Begley- Technical Recruiter at Google-Zurich. I add him and Alesandra who is also Technical Recuriter.

What a surprise? They nominated me to work for Google again after viewing my LinkedIn Profile where I was recommend by two of World-know Experts (Sang shin and Geertjan Wielenga). Strongly I recommend everyone to have a LinkedIn Profile; it will help you more to be contact with IT Experts, HR employees who will help you directly to find your Job.

Before I started my Interview, I have requested to fill out a document about my recent projects and open source Activities .I filled it with collaboration with my friend –Abbas Adel- and sent it.

After one week, I was preparing for the first phone interview which was in 27 September 2010 (Google's Birthday :D ) . I read about Data Structure Algorithms , Computer science Topics and solve some practice problems on ,

The Interview call was on 1:00 PM and it lasted for 24 min , I asked to solve a problem and al hamdo li allah I did it successfully .

The interview process continued … and I'm asked to determine my availability dates for the 2nd part of the first interview as I have to solve two problems in the first interview and due to time period I solved one .

The second Interview it should be on 7 October 2010 , but the bad luck was in that day against me :D .. Before the Phone call by 20 min , my Internet connection is down :S :S . I have to be in my home cause the software engineer will call me on my landline numbers …. Mmmmm and I have no Internet Connection …. I was very confused for that situation.

I decided to go to my uncle and do that interview from his house but also I faced problems in the phone calling …. Realllllllllly I hate being Vodafone :S:S

My Interview was about to be cancelled , but the software engineer (interviewer) told me : "Don't worry , I will scheduled for another time .. I suggest you to move the interview on the next week" I agreed for moving the interview on the next week and wait to receive an email from Aleksandra (Technical Recruiter) .

But While I was traveling to Shebin El kom to meet my Friend –Mostafa Abdullah- I received a call from Aleksandra while I was in a Car. I have to answer it by any way. She told me that the interview is about to cancel because It should be done today, I told here it's not my problem. It's a problem of Mobile Service providers in EGYPT and I have tried 5 phone numbers . She told me "I will discuss with the software engineers what should be done and told you back"

After 2 hours, I received from here and email said that I'll have an online test instead of Phone Interview and If I passed that test I will forward to the second Phone Interview process. Again I didn't have the optimal cases to do that test. I was being busy at MUFIC for 10 days and I didn't have an internet at my flat so I couldn't study while I was at home which is the best place for me to study and have a complete focuse>

For more than 10 days, I couldn't get an internet connection and I'm afraid for cancelling that test because I was very late!!!!! . I have to do it by any way. SO once I get the internet on Friday,29 October 2010 .I entered the test without prior preparation :D . Because I have no time to delay it again!.

In the test there are 3 problems and must be solved in 1:30 hr. This test should be for New Graduates but I didn't think so . I solved the first problem but my solution was not the optimal –Google only focus on the perfect and efficient solutions - . The second problem was very good I understand it and solved it by 70 % but also my solution should be complete it's not enough you understand it. While I was solving the third one, the time is gone on and I have enough time to do a deep thinking I write a part of its solution but it was the hard one.

Unfortunately , I didn't passed that test , it was very technical test I have did and I'm sure it's not for new graduates ; the question I had in the first phone interview is quite easy rather than that test .

At the end , I'm very honored as I was candidate to work for Google one day ,however If I passed all of interviews (2 phone interview and 1 on-site interview) I will not accept to change my career and being developer because I stated my goals since two years and I'm working hard for achieving them .

The conclusion is to keep contacted with the IT Experts and seek for the big chances every. You have to know everything is possible If you pay its attention.

I didn't dream ever to have a Google interview and be nominated to work there J , But if you have a Big chance , Do your best to get

ISA , In the Future I would like try to apply for Google again , after I will have my PhD .

Friday, March 12, 2010

JavaPassion In Action !!

Whom didn't know ? , How it's amazing website and the best choice for all Java Learners ! .. That's because of his Professional Author Sang Shin . last years , I wish if I meet Sang shin and speak to him about his increadible website .I missed the chance in 2007 and I was so regret :S .. BUT it comes back again when I heard Sang shin will come to EGYPT in JDC2010 for preseneting some sessions .. I decided to attend JDC2010 specially to meet my Friends (they weren't more there :S) and to meet Sang Shin ..

SomeThing came into my mind , Why not Sang shin come to our university , specially we are Officially Java User Group (MUFIX-JUG) . simply I contacted with sang shin about going to MUFIX-JUG and present some sessions . the major point here is hosting sessions with world wide speaker like sang shin (I consider him the best one in the world who teach JAVA) . Sang was very welcome to come at MUFIX community , but first he showed Ahmed Hashim (EGJUG Leader) , if it's possible to come at MUFIX , Ahmed Hashim refused because he prepared a full week program for him in EGYPT and No way .to be any Where else JDC ..

BUT , here the surprise . "Sang Shin sent me an email said :
Hamada, I am willing to go and give a talk on Sunday (Feb. 28th) to your JUG instead of the tour if that works the best for you.
I was so happy for this news . immedialty I contact with MUFIX Organizers to arrange how we will do this session at our university . Al Hamdo li allah , we did it

we got a private car and pick up sang shin from /to Menoufiya university , I'm so happy as I was with him during the event day .

The session was amazing , everything was OK . All of students were exicting ang very happy with Sang shan , he has a very nice personality and was loved by all in this session .

here some feedback comments of students who attend the session :

Ibrahem Abdallah
Thanks for Mr.Sang Shin for accepting the invitation for this session and the session was wonderful and we hope to be sessions later, if possible.

Nourhan Osama
Thank you so much for visiting us
For me it's a dream came true
It was a wonderful sesion you makes JavaFX so easy to use
I really wish you can come to Egypt again and peresent session in our faculty
Kamsameda... See more

Nehal Saeed ッ
Am still ecstatic for getting the chance to attend your session held @ our university
It was marvelous in every aspect & it definitely thought us all to have a passion not only in java but in whatever it is that we want to be later on in life.
Also, you were right ..inspite of life's ups & downs ..
" Life is worth living with passion! "
I would be so thrilled if you would visit egypt once again .. & blow our mind's away with another session :)...

Usama Fath
WOW, a great session by a great man. We wont forget your visit and we hope to see you again... You painted our life with passion.

Sang shin's words to the communtiy :"Life is worth living with passion "

Really , it was the perfect day and the best event at MUFIX Community ever , many of incredible things had done successfully .. AL hamdo li allah , I'm so glad as I'm a part of MUFIX Community which presents useful things to the students so easily .

one of the important lessons I have learned in this story "When ever I hear it can't be done .. I know that I'm close to success"

I would like to thank every member at MUFIX , specially Abbas Adel (my friend and the founder of MUFIX Community) .. Thanks for everything :))

Finalluy , I will never forget the day in which I was with sang shin :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MUFIX-JUG .... come true !!

After long time of searching and wondering why not we have a java user group at our university,since we have very good active community -MUFIX- .I was seeking for being JUG since 6 months as I know it will be very useful to our community and we will be recognized as one of Affiliated SUN micro systems Group through JUG and as a JUG we can host very good Events by Famous Evangelists like Sang Shin ,Roman Stroble and Greetjan Wielenage ,That's why we are interested to be JUG.
I have started searching and contacted with help support in SUN micro system,no progress :S ,but we know before we have EGYPTIAN JAVA USER GROUP leading by Ahmed Hashim and we are proud to be member of it .I thought there is only one group per country before , but I noticed more than one group in different countries ,when I knew that Hellwan university founded JUG .I became more enthusiastic to found one since we achieve almost of creating Successful JUG post by Ahmed Hashim .

I contacted with JUG Program manager and showed him our recently activites organized by mufix communtiy and how we are able to organize international celebration days like Fedora day and Software Freedom day.I take this chance to thank him more , he was very respondable with me and replied to all of my queries.I created project page for MUFIX community at ,and sent to him our data to plot MUFIX-JUG on official JUG map so now we are very happy and proud of being MUFIX-JUG and looking forward to do more activites by such ways help our students to very good developers aware of all latest technologies ,I wish total number of volunteer students doubled this year since we are participating in many activities need more works and sure they will require more volunteer to develop our community
I would like to thank every MUFIX member who is working for developing his community towards and Finally I'm very keen to start JUG meetings next season ,so be in toucn with mufix to know all incoming events isa ...

Al Hamdo li Allah ,, we are JUG and looking forward more...
Hamada Zahera

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get the best for SCJP Exam !!

Hello All,
Now SCJP certification become one of the most important sun certifications for java and it's simple to take it ,coz SUN will consider you as a Java programmer .There are many JProgrammers didn't take this certification although they are very well ,but taking this certification become more important than before specially to raise your rank as a programmer and also it's bonus for you to find better job than you have
For Fresh Graduates ,it becomes very important as the competition to get a job is difficult ,companies filters CV and they select the best ,when they you know you are a SUN Certified it's a good advantage for you
I'm talking here ,how to get the best for SCJP Exams,There are many who took this exam ,I will try to share their trial for you ,so you can be familiar with SCJP :)

First , I will talk about Technical side.There are many books for SCJP Certifications ,but most of People who took it , recommend this book <SCJP Sun Ceritified Programmer for Java 6 > , download it from here,you have to schedule your time so that you finish studying this book very well in two months then turn on MockExams or Testking Exams of SCJP ,for sorry there are only MockExams for SCJP1.5 not 6 ,this will may lead to take SCJP 1.5 not SCJP 1.6 .Someones study SCJP 1.6 and enter the exam of SCJP1.5 because of mockexam :S .Any way that's mockExams I have found here.
An Important Question you ask to yourself ,Am I ready for the Exam ? the answer is
The best way to convince yourself that you are ready is to consistently score well on mock exams. In general, most mock exams provide a good indication of how you will score on the real exam. (If anything, the real exams are said to be slightly less difficult than the mock exams. But since the real exam is usually the last one taken after a series of several mock exams, candidates are most prepared for that one.) As a general guideline for confidence, you should consistently score about 10 points higher on the mock exams as you hope to score on the real exam. -- from
Now you are thinking more interesting in the exam ,you have to buy its voucher and take it, But there an important thing ,you can get voucher discount as the exam cost is 300 $ , so read the steps of getting voucher discount and try it
Finally , Exam results , many of exam takers has passed on :)) that's very well ,they said that was because of Mock exams :)) ,lets see some samples who took the Exam
Aakash Goel passed with 95%
Rayarao Surya Rao passed SCJP 6.0 with 86%
prashant. iiitg passed with 100% :D
Pete Jacobs

more and more
so keep on and be the next who be SCJP certified ;)
For more FAQ about SCJP check this

Hamada Zahera

Friday, May 22, 2009

Google is my Best Friend

GoooooooooooooooooGle Celebrates for me :P:P
Thaaaaaaanks Google :D :D

Hamada Zahera

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How do you get Voucher Discount for any Sun Certifications !!

Hello , All
you can get Voucher discount for any Sun Certification Exam in easy steps ?
First , you need to join OSUM [Open source University Meet up] ,and be a member of one of its group , here our OSUM group -Menoufiya Univeristy-Faculty of Computers and Information-

Your Next step is to create your account in SAI [Sun Academic Initiative ] , in registration step , you have to select
Program name : SAI-EGYPT ,
Program ID : x439ft53 ,
Institution: Menoufiya Univeristy-Faculty of Computers and Information
and complete the other fields within your data

Now you are ready to get Voucher discount by this link []

Complete the Certification Exam Voucher Request Form below and click "Submit".
  1. You will then be directed to our payment system to purchase your voucher. The discounted price is $40USD or $60USD, depending on your SAI Program Name. Accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.
  2. Upon payment completion, you will receive instructions on how to submit your documentation to verify your status as an SAI participant.
I hope these Information are helpful for you !!

Hamada Zahera

Friday, February 27, 2009

OSUM Opening Ceremony at Menoufiyah Univeristy !!

yesterday 25/02/2009 we announced the opening OSUM Community channel between MUFIC [Faculty of Computers and Information] and SUN On-Campus for Universities which called [O]pen [S]ource [U]niveristy [M]eetup-OSUM .I planned for an Opening Ceremony event in our univeristy First I asked SUN for Giveaways for students.I requested 100 Netbeans ,100 Opensolaris ,100 Sun studio DVD ,500 Brochures ,100 Pens and 25 Bags . I got almost of my order except the Bags ,they weren't was great when I got all
these Giveways .

I decided to create an Event for OSUM opening as a Ceremony and tell ,encourage students more and more to join OSUM
I discussed with MUFIX-Community , how to organize this event and How to distribute the giveaways ,because I was expecting much more student to attend ,but we have limited number of giveaways
In the morning I saw around 200 students who want to attend this event. it was impossible because the lecture room capacity is 120 students.. but the total number of students was 180 as I guess :)) How come ?? I dunno , ask MUFIX how they could allow all of this number to attend :))
I started speaking about OSUM Overview and which is it ? ,then I moved to tell students how to register at osum and how to get benefits about FOSS technologies and enthuse them to join our group at OSUM Menoufiyah Univeristy-Faculty of Computers and Information
I focused on 5 reasons to join OSUM as a student
  • LEARN about Open Source Technologies and how they are opening up new career opportunities for students
  • ACCESS free online web courses, webinars, tutorials and other resources to prepare for career enhancing certifications
  • SHARE your technical knowledge with other students around the world virtually and on campus
  • COLLABORATE with a global community of students via forum, campus events, webinars, etc.
  • CONNECT and make friends with students around the world who are committed to Open Source just like you
Students were very happy about this session, it was so useful and enjoyable for them
Also I talked about SAI [SUN Academic Intiaitve] as an Education system by SUN so students can get free online courses , Certifciation discount and Exam ePractice
we distributed around 90 Netbeans CD ,95 Sun studio ,500 Brochures and 75 Pens to Students almost of students were happy of that and few who couldn't get any giveaways were a bit angry.I promised them we could get more giveaways per month
before I did this Session ,there was 13 member only registered on OSUM and now the number is 49 member :)) I expect to reach 100 in this semester ISA..
it was so nice session at MUFIC and one of the memorable and big attended events in MUFIX-Community
It may be my last session at MUFIX to speak in :( I hope the youth [MUFICians] complete our route and keep on as we were always

Thanks MUFIX for everyThing , really I love you :)

Hamada Zahera